Airline Baggage and Airport Security Regulations

There is no free baggage on Virgin America flights and fees consist of $25 for your first checked bag and any bag that weighs over sixty pounds is estimated to cost $50.

Check out Virgin America baggage regulations here.

Airline baggage fees and airport security regulations have increased over recent year. Airline baggage fees generally cost $25-$35 per bag on most airlines and any bag that exceeds their weight limit is an additional fee. In most cases, any bag that goes over the allotted weight costs double the amount for one bag checked. Each airline has slightly different fees and regulations.

Baggage regulations have become stricter and more bags are being searched at checkpoints before they are stowed onto the airplanes for take off. Security is also restricting passengers from carrying on liquids or other devices that many cause damage or hard to other passengers.

Airline security regulations have become increasingly more severe and strict since 9/11. There are new machines that provide x-ray service and full body scans to determine if people are carrying hazardous weapons or explosive devices.

Increased wait times and security checks have become more of a hassle for ordinary passengers as a specification for what to remove from your carry on baggage varies per airline. With almost all airport security checkpoints, shoes, jackets, electronic devices and liquids are to be removed from carry on baggage and sent individually through security checkpoint screening machines.

In addition to airline baggage and security regulations, airlines have been suffering with loss of profits and continual merging of airlines. However, some independently owned airlines like Jet Blue remain successful, despite difficult economic times for most airline companies.

Sydney’s best venues for meeting new people

From Bondi beach to Coogee Bay, Sydney is a hotspot for venues that are perfect for meeting fun and friendly people.  Whether you enjoy the laid back atmosphere of a good pub or the heart-thumping latest tracks on the nightclub scene, there’s no shortage of places that are perfect for getting to know new people. With this in mind, here are six great Sydney locations for socializing.

Hugo’s Bar, King’s Cross

If you’re new to town, then you might not be familiar with Sydney’s raucous club and red light district. But if you’re a local then you’ll be aware that this heady strip of wild clubs and bars always promises a fun night out.

Hugo’s Lounge is one of the more refined options in the iconic area, where the young and beautiful go out to play. The bar boasts elegant décor, dimmed mood lighting and some of the best cocktails in Sydney. There are also enough quiet corners to chat and the music is great for dancing – what more could you need to meet new people?

Shady Pines Saloon Bar, Oxford Street

This bar is modeled on the gun slinging Wild West of old, complete with themed décor and a well stocked bar. Though if alarm bells are ringing, don’t panic, the themed element of this establishment isn’t as kitsch as it sounds.

The bartenders know their cocktails, and the chilled atmosphere is lifted by the constant buzz of lively conversation. It’s an exciting Sydney night out, minus the pretentious qualities so many watering holes in the area maintain. With a fun-loving clientele more in favour of a chat than a dance, it’s perfect for getting to know new people.

Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel, The Rocks

It’s one of several pubs in the country that claims to be the oldest, but one thing nobody disputes is the Lord Nelson’s claim to greatness.

With excellent pub meals, a bar well stocked with award winning local beers and a friendly atmosphere, this is a regular haunt for locals and tourists alike. Located in the beautiful Rocks district, it attracts a stylish, cheerful and fun-loving crowd.

Bungalow 8, Darling Harbour

Situated on one of the most famous waterfront locations in the world, Bungalow 8 offers a stylish and fun Sydney clubbing night. There are German beers on tap to suit the guys and an extensive wine list for the ladies. It’s a classy evening, but the crowd is young and friendly enough to know how to have a good time.

The Oaks, Neutral Bay

Located a little further from the CBD, The Oaks is one of the North Shore’s classic pubs and restaurants. Its excellent social vibe is courtesy of the outdoor dining area, which is complete with BBQs to cook your own steak. Combine great food and ale, beautiful Sydney weather and a buzzing atmosphere, and conversation will be flowing in no time.

World Bar, King’s Cross

Another classic King’s Cross establishment that promises an excellent night out is World Bar. Its trademark is the quirky drinking style: their ranges of excellent cocktail concoctions all come served in teapots. It makes for an excellent starting point when making conversation.

There are outside lounge areas for a more chilled out atmosphere and several levels of dance floors and music styles to suit any taste.

Whether you’re planning to check out these venues alone and strike up a conversation with the locals, or perhaps arrange to meet a date that you met through a dating website like Jazzed Australia, the chilled atmosphere and variety of options make Sydney a great place to socialize and date and, most importantly, have fun!

Eating out in Adelaide – a must-try guide

The chance to dine out all over the world is one of the most enticing experiences afforded to the modern jetsetter. To know a city’s food is to know its culture and the different elements of its personality; you can receive an education from indulgence.

In a multicultural city like Adelaide, the culinary options are almost endless. Here are our recommendations for a gastronomical exploration of South Australia’s capital that you won’t soon forget. Eat, drink, and be merry!

The Grace Establishment, Norwood

For modern Australian dining, you can’t beat The Grace. The décor and atmosphere create a chilled vibe so smooth you just won’t be able to fight it. Wash down the tasty bar snacks with a cocktail either at the bar or in the sunny courtyard, or settle in and dine from the droolworthy restaurant menu. Try the Mini Wagyu Cheeseburger – you won’t regret it.

Laksa House, Central Markets

In keeping with its (charmingly unassuming) name, Laksa House serves up the best laksa in Adelaide, hands down. But that’s not all. Here you’ll find quick, cheap, and flavoursome Malaysian food with no fuss, including the cutely named Dry Ho Fun, which Time Out Adelaide sure does love. Be sure to check out the markets while you’re there – we highly recommend the splendidly titled Smelly Cheese Shop.

The Rising Sun, Kensington

For all you can eat Adelaide has the answer, and this little restaurant hidden away in a cosy converted cottage is certainly one of them. Head here for Mediterranean-influenced modern Australian dishes, or just curl up on a Chesterfield in the bar.

Art Gallery Restaurant, Adelaide

Housed inside the Art Gallery of SA, the Art Gallery Restaurant is the ultimate in sophisticated dining. The regularly updated menu serves classic favourites and fine seasonal meals, with dishes often influenced by current exhibitions.

Vietnam Restaurant, Pennington

The Phan family knows good service and good food, always served with a smile. Head to this award-winning restaurant for fresh and tasty Vietnamese meals to warm the soul. They also offer Chinese dishes for a bit of variety. The signature Barbecued Lemongrass Chilli Quail is an absolute delight, as is the old favourite Beef ‘Pho’.

Hahndorf Inn, Adelaide Hills

You can find every kind of cuisine in Adelaide – Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Brazilian food – but this German restaurant is a real treat. They offer immense servings of yummy comfort food, but their specialty is pork, so you can really go the whole hog. Try the Giant Juicy Pickled Pork Hock (knuckle), or treat yourself to the Chargrilled Ribs, accompanied by a stein of good old German ale.

Vego and Love’n It, Adelaide

You don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy this CBD institution. Order the Mediterranean Half Burger (all the burger, half the bread) and lounge around in the retro surrounds like a local in the know. Try one of the refreshing shakes and don’t forget to order some of the divine vegan chocolate to top off your meal – you won’t believe it’s not the real thing.

How to get by during the Olympics: Accommodation and Planning

With less than 100 days to go till the Olympic Games, the hype in London is certainly heating up with one of the world’s largest congregations. For those fortunate enough to make this AAA Olympiad you’ll need to be prepared for some large celebrations and even larger crowds as London is pulls out all the stops on showing why it is one of the best cities in the world.

Summer in London is one hell of an experience but it can also be incredibly difficult. OK, flights can be found at pretty good prices, thanks to the three major airports having the capacity for many visitors. But accommodation can be a different story. With prices inflating at an alarming rate and quite often the quality dropping during the high season, such a scenario can only be amplified when the city hosts one of the world’s most major events like this summer’s Olympic Games.

With ballots for some sports, especially the major ones including the finals for track and field not out yet, it can be difficult to plan on accommodation. So the rush to arrange a place to sleep can be quite stressful, no doubt. Serviced apartments in London are probably the best way to go in terms of finding a place to situate yourself. Websites like Wimdu.co.uk are one of the best platforms to begin your search as they make the whole process easy and simple for last minute bookings.

It is understandable that most people who are flocking to see the Olympics would rather be out and about, enjoying the buzz in London. But with the flood of people and hype, it can get a bit too much and finding a comfortable space to relax and rewind will be crucial to enjoy this occasion to the maximum.

With hotels and hostel receptions coming and going with people as well, serviced apartments will be the option of choice as you can stay in a place which is a little more private. For tourists making their way to the Olympics then this is the best option for accommodation, especially if you don’t want to pay premium prices. In fact for all last-minute bookings on travel, websites like Wimdu are one of the best points of call. Where you would have to accept a notable drop in quality to make a budget hotel booking, this is often not the case when booking a serviced apartment. Just a short amount of time spent searching the available properties will reveal a whole host of choices, from town houses to penthouses depending on your preference, which are competitively priced.

London’s Best Kept Secrets

London is one of the world’s great cities and has an almost infinite list of tourist hotspots.  However for travellers who don’t want to spend their holiday stood in a queue there lots of options which are worth considering.

Like many cities London now as a cycle hire scheme which allows visitors to rent a bicycle for a few hours for a very small charge and no subscription.  This is a great way to explore the parts of the city which you would not normally see. One of the main advantages of this is being able to avoid the underground which often gets hot during the summer.  It is also a much cheaper way of seeing the whole city as open top tour buses now charge over £30 per person.  Cycling has becoming increasingly popular in London over the last few years and as a result it is very safe, but it is always worth wearing a helmet just in case.

London Wetland Centre has been described as London’s best kept secret by Time Out Magazine.  This 105-acre wildlife centre was created in 2000 by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. This centre plays home to many different species of rarely spotted birds and aquatic creatures.  Tucked away in a loop of the Thames this Centre offers a range of activities for those who are not kept amused by bird watching. These actives range from bat-spotting walks to wildlife photography classes which are open to all ages.

For those who are want to see the real London on their trip the best way is to stay in the home of a real Londoner. onefinestay allows guests to stay in an upscale home while the owners are away and provides them with all the amenities of a top hotel. The homes which are available include large five bedroom family homes in Hampstead and this two bedroom flat next in St Pancras Chambers.