All credit cards include travel insurance for up to three consecutive months of travel. However, we recommend having at least one Visa Premier or MasterCard Gold card. Indeed, travel insurance related to simple Visa Classic or MasterCard cards do not offer sufficient coverage for a world tour. Starting with only one of these cards (Revolut, N26, Compte Nickel …), travel insurance should be taken from the first day of the trip instead of taking it from the fourth month, which entails a significant additional cost ( 186 € with Chapka).

The N26 Black offer includes travel insurance, but on closer inspection , it is also insufficient because it does not include legal assistance, civil liability or research costs in the event of an accident in the mountains.


Banks online

Online banks can generally save a lot of money abroad.

Most of them also generally offer a free Visa Premier or MasterCard Gold card (subject to income or savings conditions) which saves 3 months of travel insurance.

In case of trouble, they are accessible by telephone with much wider schedules than conventional banks.

Jazz International Option of Société Générale

Societe Generale offers this option which allows to be exonerated from commissions on all withdrawals made abroad in exchange for a monthly subscription.

This option may seem interesting at first, but to look at it more closely, it is less advantageous than online banks because of a very high subscription cost for the card, 304.80 € per year.

Much more convenient and cheaperMuch more convenient and cheaper


It is also possible to reduce your bank charges by opening an account with HSBC. There is no charge for withdrawals made at network distributors abroad.

Fees are free at partner banks in some countries (Redbanc in Chile, Banelco in Argentina, Banred in Uruguay, Red Unicard in Peru and Westpac in New Zealand). On the other hand, we pay fees if we withdraw from other banks abroad. See the list of countries in which HSBC operates

We do not recommend this solution. Indeed, although HSBC is present in many countries, it does not have a very dense network and is almost absent in South America and Africa.

We must also add account management fees that are not free, unlike online banks. At HSBC, the annual fee is 129 € for a Visa Premier card.

Rarely interesting especially in poorer countriesRarely interesting especially in poorer countries